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I just saw on the news that Cathedral Prep bought the Hoffman Rigging property to expand the facility and add “a few hundred parking spots”.
That’s all well and good for the people that go to that facility, but for the other 240,000 people who live in Erie County I’d like to ask a few questions that Sean Lafferty failed to answer in his cheerful reading of this news item:
1. What’s happening to Hoffman Rigging? I personally did business with them last year. It seemed things were going well there, the ladies in the office were very cheerful. Do they still have a job? I’d guesstimate that they might have twenty or so employees. I certainly hope this hasn’t been at their misfortune.
2. What is the Catholic Diocese going to do to offset the lost property tax revenue to the city, school district, and county? Yet more property off the tax tools while Mrs. Dahlkemper raises taxes on the homeowners. Additionally this is income tax revenue the city is likely losing. Our elected representatives need to get on this ASAP. I’d like to hear from Jay Breneman, as he seems to be willing to engage the public and answer questions honestly (I’ve appreciated that in past discussion). I don’t know of any city council members on Facebook that might be willing to read this.
3. Why wasn’t this move publicised as their initial purchase of the main property was? Surely this at least requires a zoning change, I do believe council would have to approve that. Again, where do they stand on this issue?
I’m sad to see more bread taken off the table in the city while more and more look to get a piece.



That’s internet for hi.  The purpose for this post is so I can show off the pretty new theme that I found on  Yes, I’m waaaay to lazy/dumb (let’s make a new word, lazydumb™) to make my own theme.  That’s part of the reason I love WordPress.  Back in the day, roughly 99 after LiveJournal to aught-six, I’d code my own layouts.  I knew HTML then, and kept up with it.  Somewhere along the way things passed me by, you can’t use tables any more, and flash is dead.  I can’t code any more and I don’t have the time or the want to learn it again.  Enter the wonderful world of WordPress.  I can depend on a very real army of very intelligent people who make very nice designs to make my very poor writing seem very nice.  Let me know what you think.

Microsoft’s Surface Pro launch marred by supply shortages | ZDNet.

Microsoft's Surface Pro launch marred by supply shortages | ZDNet

As a rule, I’m not a defender of Microsoft.  Not like they need much defense, they can afford to defend themselves.  I am, however, an Apple hater.  I’ll readily admit that, I’ve never been agreeable to the platform going way back to the early Macintosh computers.  I’m saying that some of my best friends use Apple products, but they’re not for me.

My device choices have reflected this, owned nothing but PC’s (with light dabbling in Linux), I’ve had two iterations of Windows Mobile, and I’m with Android right now.  I haven’t used Windows 8, but I’m open to it.  I think the new windows phone platform looks interesting, and applied to a tablet, even better.  Upon first glance I wanted a Surface tablet.  Now, with the Surface pro, I’d probably choose that over an iPad; check that, I’d definitely pick it over an iPad.  Superior power, flexibility, PC functionality… I’d take that thing everywhere.

So why the hate from the tech bloggers?  You’d think that these people were somehow wronged by Microsoft personally, as though Steve Ballmer knelt behind them while Bill Gates pushed them backwards then stole their lunch money.  The situation reminds me of a report I did way back when I was in 7th grade and Microsoft was preparing to launch Windows NT and a corresponding handheld OS I’ve forgotten the name of to compete with Palm (then Palmpilot).  The Unix and Macintosh crowds couldn’t get over themselves to give either a chance.  They slapped and slandered NT for having a GUI, for being user friendly, for not having the direct control like Unix.  We know how that ended up, Windows became a major player in the server world.  Times have not changed.  I’d put money on most of the tech bloggers being iPhone carrying, iPod listening, iPad playing, and iMac publishing Apple honks.  Their bias is thinly disguised.

So, upon its launch, the Surface Pro quickly sold out.  This was due to short supply in some areas, and high demand in others.  When the first iPhones and iPads came out, the situation was exactly the same, and these writers couldn’t have been more excited that their beloved Apple was so popular that people couldn’t get enough.  Apple no longer has this problem, their (contemptible) Foxxconn operation in China can pump out their products like no other manufacturer can.  Microsoft has never had this problem, their ventures in to the hardware world haven’t ever been particularly successful aside from accessories like keyboards and mice.  So when they’ve finally sold something out, something well reviewed by those that gave it a chance, maybe they’d get some credit for getting it right?  Nah, they’re lambasted in online media for “intentionally cutting supply to sell out the product”.  That’s the most ridiculous premise I’ve ever heard.  It’s not as though they’re going to get lead story room on the nightly news because they sold their product out, so why would they risk damaging customer demand on purpose?  It’s clear they pushed the launch back from January to increase supply.  They couldn’t wait any more, they’d have faced too much criticism and suspicion that there were massive problems with the product that delayed launch.

There, Microsoft, I’ve defended your honor.  I want a Surface Pro.  Hook me up?