Another Snowy Saturday

Ideally, we in the blogging community hope to have inspiration to write great things every single day.  Unfortunately I’d guesstimate that 99.99% of us do not (we can’t all be Rachel).  I average a post a month without having to try to do so.  A great portion of we, the 99%, also are not educated in the ways of writing but that’s no excuse.  I find myself often thinking about things I’d like to write only to forget them by the day’s end.

Summer, suspended.

Summer, suspended.

Am I making a post about not making a post?  It seems so.  We’re in the midst of the 11tyth snow-blanketed Saturday here in Erie and I don’t really have much else to do.  No, Mom, I’m not going to clean the basement.  Winter is generally my spare time, my slow season at work.  I guess what I’m saying dear reader is that I’m going to pledge to write, at least, once a week.  If the aforementioned Rachel can write an entire freaking novel in a month I can tell you how my toast was.  If I ate toast.  Wordpress is possibly my last connection to being more than just an internet user.

All my previous sites, excluding the original LiveJournal which is still up and running somehow, I coded from scratch.  Frames, tables, backgrounds, design, layout.  That was followed by, then because I got sick of people asking me if I was Canadian.  Both those went by the wayside, all hosted by my friend Scott.  Had I the gumption to do so I’d import all of my posts to this site because I’m sure there’s a way to do it, but that era is so bygone that I don’t want to clutter this site with the nonsense of a 20-something wanna-be techie.  I don’t recall writing anything of worth (LIKE THIS POST IS AMAZING).  So, stay tuned, I promise to help you waste two to three minutes of your day.  Occasionally.

One thought on “Another Snowy Saturday

  • jmg30 (Post author)

    I’d like to make an addendum comment: I went back and read a few of my old posts and further verified I don’t want them online any more.


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