Scott Enterprises’ Bayfront Development Gets $5 Million in Grant

I’m not going to enter the idiocy of the comments for this post. 

All along this project has faced roadblocks, mostly from the local government that is inexplicably in the hotel and entertainment business. This is a boon, yes it’s true, for bayfront development. Let’s break down the current non-industrial residents of the bayfront:

Convention center: No taxes

2 parking ramps: No taxes

2 hotels: No taxes

Library: No taxes

Bus station: No taxes

Maritime learning center: No taxes

“Cruise ship” terminal: No taxes

Liberty park amphitheater: No taxes

4 boat docks, 3 seasonal restaurants and a gallery: taxes
The same people that are crying about their own taxes and the lack of jobs have assailed this project because they’ve got a JEALOUS vendetta against the Scott family.
How many people have the Scotts laid off over the years? The crew of Damon’s was offered employment in their other facilities. They’ve opened numerous hotels and restaurants just in the past few years. “Yeah but they’re not like GE jobs!” Guess what? There won’t be many GE jobs very soon.
There will still be Scott jobs, and contrary to popular belief, they’re not that bad. If you’d take a second to stop looking down your nose you’d realize your niece waitresses at Applebees to get through college, your cousin’s kid got their first job at Splash Lagoon, and your neighbor down the street is working at the Marriott where he can get full time hours and benefits after the huge multi national corporation he worked for for 20 years shut the plant down to make their shareholders even richer.
Since I can remember the hospitality economy of Erie has been laughed at, but at this point we need to embrace it as a bridge to whatever Erie may become in this post-manufacturing based market.
Oh, for what it’s worth, my first job was bussing tables at Damon’s.
I was fired.

Confucious say, "Allow me to retort."

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